Ecovheel – Best Electric Bike in India 2024

Ecovheel is a trailblazer in India’s electric vehicle landscape, redefining smart ownership. Collaborating with the nation’s premier electric two-wheeler manufacturers and dealers, Ecovheel offers tailor-made solutions that ensure reliability, scalability, and seamless experiences. With an extensive sales network, Ecovheel facilitates the exploration and promotion of new electric two-wheelers.

As a leading trading company specializing in electrical vehicles and conversion kits, Ecovheel’s extensive portfolio covers everything from e-bicycles, e-bikes, and electric scooters. Spanning across 10+ states in India, Ecovheel is making waves both on and off-road. Additionally, Ecovheel boasts a network of over 800 associated two-wheeler resellers and partners with last-mile tech-enabled companies.

With over 5000 direct delivery riders renting Ecovheel’s electric two-wheelers, the company is leading the charge towards a greener, more sustainable future. Ready to join the revolution? Discover the electrifying possibilities awaiting you!

Ecovheel Experience First


Experience-First is a pre-purchase service – a unique offering for electric two-wheeler buyers to experience ownership before buying. At Experience First, Ecovheel believes in more than just selling electric vehicles. The company believes in providing an unparalleled experience that allows you to truly understand and appreciate the power of electric mobility.

What Sets Ecovheel Apart

Try Before You BuyExperience riding electric vehicles before making a commitment
Expert GuidanceExperienced professionals guide you every step of the way
Wide Range of OptionsExplore diverse products, including electric scooters, bikes, and conversion kits

How It Works

Steps to Experience

Reserve ServiceReserve service for the vehicle experience through Ecovheel’s website
Choose a ModelSelect the electric two-wheeler model that suits your preferences
Schedule a TrialSchedule a convenient date and time for your trial experience
Experience OwnershipTest the performance, comfort, and features in your daily routine
Personalized SupportReceive support throughout your trial period for any questions or concerns
Make an Informed DecisionDecide if the electric two-wheeler meets your needs with no obligation to buy
Purchase or ReturnPurchase with guidance from Ecovheel or return the vehicle hassle-free

Ecovheel Mission & Vision


Mission Statement

“Join us on this journey as together; we can create a world where sustainability is not just an aspiration but a reality. Let’s work hand in hand towards a cleaner, greener future for generations to come.”

Mission Focus

Focus AreaDescription
SustainabilityConverting two-wheeler scrap into sustainable electric vehicles through retrofitting
ImpactTransforming over 25,000 units annually to make a significant impact on environmental sustainability


Vision Statement

“We’re simplifying the purchasing process for last-mile users and budget-conscious buyers with accessible and customized solutions for fast adoption.”

Ecovheel Goals and Objectives


Electric Vehicle Retro-Fitment


Converting traditional petrol scooters into electric vehicles.

Reduce WastePromoting sustainability by converting petrol scooters to electric
Environmental ImpactReducing emissions and minimizing new manufacturing needs

Ecovheel Pre-Purchase Experience


Offering a unique product for an electric scooter buyer to experience ownership before buying.

Informed DecisionsProviding a pre-purchase experience to ensure customers understand the benefits of electric mobility

EV Launchpad


An Electric Vehicle platform that helps launch new electric two-wheelers through dealers, investors, and commercial EV users.

Market IntroductionSupporting the launch of new electric two-wheelers
Stakeholder CollaborationConnecting dealers, investors, and commercial users for efficient market entry

Swiping Road Side (SRS)


Providing a roadside battery-swapping solution for continuous power for electric scooters.

ConvenienceEnsuring quick and easy battery swaps to minimize downtime
EfficiencyMaking recharging effortless for electric two-wheeler riders

Meet the Team


Founder: Mohd Aarif

FounderVisionary founder of Ecovheel, Managing Director of Evato Ride Private Limited, and co-founder of Ravamex Solution Pvt. Ltd.
ImpactEmpowering businesses and entrepreneurs to share their narratives with the world

Co-Founder: Ravi Kumar

Co-FounderM.B.A Marketing, Co-founder and Director of Ecovheel, Managing Director of Ravamex Solution Private Limited
Expertise12 years of experience in various fields of marketing, passionate about turning creativity into tangible results

Contact Ecovheel

Contact InformationDetails
Corporate Office1120, Tower-B, 11th Floor, I-Thum Tower, Sector-62 Noida, Gautam Buddha Nagar, UP 201301 IN
Email[email protected]
PhoneSoon Update

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ecovheel?

Ecovheel is a pioneering company in India’s electric vehicle industry, specializing in electric two-wheelers and conversion kits.

How can I experience an electric two-wheeler before buying?

Through our Experience-First service, you can reserve a trial to experience ownership before making a purchase decision.

What products does Ecovheel offer?

We offer a range of electric bikes scooters

Where is Ecovheel’s corporate office located?

corporate office is located at 1120, Tower-B, 11th Floor, I-Thum Tower, Sector-62, Noida, Gautam Buddha Nagar, UP 201301, IN.

How can I contact Ecovheel?

You can reach via email at [email protected]

What is the Experience-First service offered by Ecovheel?

The Experience-First service is a unique pre-purchase experience that allows potential buyers to try electric two-wheelers before committing to a purchase. This service includes personalized support and expert guidance to help you make an informed decision.

How does Ecovheel support the adoption of electric vehicles?

Ecovheel supports the adoption of electric vehicles through various initiatives, including electric vehicle retro-fitment, pre-purchase experiences, the EV Launchpad, and roadside battery-swapping solutions. These efforts aim to make electric mobility more accessible and convenient.

Who are the key team members behind Ecovheel?

Ecovheel was founded by Mohd Aarif, the Managing Director of Evato Ride Private Limited and co-founder of Ravamex Solution Pvt. Ltd. The Co-founder and Director is Ravi Kumar, who has extensive experience in marketing and a passion for turning creativity into tangible results.

What is the EV Launchpad by Ecovheel?

The EV Launchpad is an Electric Vehicle platform that helps launch new electric two-wheelers through dealers, investors, and commercial EV users. It supports EV projects from inception to market success, ensuring the smooth introduction of new electric vehicles.

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