Shravani Sharma (shravanix29), Age, Family, Biography & More

Shravani Sharma has captured the hearts of thousands on Instagram with her endearing personality and entertaining content. She gained widespread recognition when her catchy phrase was featured in Yashraj Mukhate’s viral mashup song ‘Aaj Toh Sunday Hai’. Known for her humorous videos and infectious laughter, Shravani has amassed a significant following on social media platforms.

Shravani Sharma: Instagram Influencer and Social Media Star

Full NameShravani Sharma
OccupationInstagram Influencer
Instagram Handle@shravanix29
FollowersApproximately 500k followers (as of May 2024)
Content– Known for humorous content on Instagram<br>- Videos feature humorous talks, life lessons, shayaris, and infectious laughter<br>- Content often goes viral, garnering millions of views
Viral Video“Aaj toh Sunday hai rajma chawal banayegi mummy” – Popularized by Yashraj Mukhate’s mashup
ManagementAccount managed by her mother, Deepali Singh Sharma
Notable MashupFeatured in Yashraj Mukhate’s song ‘Aaj toh Sunday hai’
Shravani Sharma (shravanix29)

Here’s the table with the specified details for Shravani Sharma:

FriendNot disclosed
Education1st Class
FamilyDeepali Singh Sharma (Mother)

Some Lesser Known Facts About Shravani Sharma

  • Shravani Instagram profile is managed by her mother, Deepali Singh Sharma.
  • Her videos often feature humorous takes on everyday life and popular trends.
  • She has collaborated with music composer Zaynul Jiwani, gaining millions of views.
  • Shravani rise to fame was propelled by her viral video content on Instagram.
  • She is known for her unique style of delivering humorous anecdotes and life lessons.

Shravani Sharma Education, Family, Caste

  • Education: 1st Class
  • Family: Managed by Deepali Singh Sharma
  • Caste: Bramin

Shravani Sharma Net Worth

  • Details on her net worth are not publicly available but around 10Lakh Per year

Social Account/Contact

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Shravani Sharma?

Shravani Sharma is a Child Instagram influencer known for her humorous and adorable videos that showcase her infectious laughter and unique way of speaking.

What is Shravani Sharma famous for?

Shravani Sharma gained fame for her entertaining content on Instagram, where she shares videos featuring life lessons, shayaris (poetry), and humorous anecdotes.

What is Shravani Sharma’s educational background?

Shravani Sharma has completed her 1st Class education, as mentioned in her profile.

Who manages Shravani Sharma’s Instagram account?

According to her Instagram bio, Shravani Sharma’s account is managed by her mother, Deepali Singh Sharma.

How popular is Shravani Sharma on Instagram?

Shravani Sharma has gained popularity on Instagram with a significant following. As of the latest updates, she has around 500K followers on the platform.

Has Shravani Sharma collaborated with any notable personalities?

Yes, Shravani Sharma has collaborated with music composer Zaynul Jiwani, and their collaboration video has garnered over a million views.

What is the significance of Yashraj Mukhate’s ‘Aaj toh Sunday hai’ song featuring Shravani Sharma?

Yashraj Mukhate used Shravani Sharma’s catchy phrase in his mashup song ‘Aaj toh Sunday hai’. The song blends her jingle with samples of singers Vishal Dadlani and Mohan Kannan’s voices, showcasing her popularity.

Where can I find Shravani Sharma’s videos?

Shravani Sharma’s videos can be found on her Instagram profile @shravanix29, where she regularly posts her entertaining content.

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